Yaeko Abe Digital Experimentation

I chose this image to experiment with because I love the illustrations eyes and how they stand out and catch your attention. I thought this image would be fun to recreate and construct in order to understand Yaeko’s style and methods and see if I can devise a version with the use of digital media.


I started to look at how the features on Yaeko’s illustrations could be constructed using digital media. By the use of clean lines I felt Corel Draw to be of better use than Photoshop. I began with the eyes and nose and created these using the three point curve tool. This tool allows for a lot of manipulation with ease of use.

blank eyes

After I created the basic outline I imported the features into Photoshop where I proceeded to add the colour. I decided to do this on Photoshop because I find it easier for blending and manipulating colours.

filled eyes

After getting comfortable using these digital medias I decided to take the illustration to the next level of construction and added the face and hair. I started from scratch to see if I was able to recreate the eyes again. Drawing the hair proved time consuming but fun to carry out.

hair and eyes blank

Next I added the eye colour again but this time I took my time over the blending of the Iris. I plan to add final version of this illustration with a background and hair colour and will post it as soon as its complete.

hair and eyes filled

I finished the illustration off on Corel Draw using the Three Point Curve tool, Fountain Fill and the Transparency tool. I had expected the background to be the  most challenging part of it, but I used the mirroring tool a lot for it which enabled me to speed up the process, It was the dip dyed hair that proved to be the most time consuming and demanding. But I am so pleased with the final result and I’m looking forward to creating my own style of Illustration using Corel Draw

hair and eyes filled paint

Illustrator Inspiration!

So I have recently been given a creative assignment in class based around illustration.

We are to choose two well known illustrators who have very different styles, and we are to combine them together and create our own style.

I have chosen Nuno DaCosta and Yaeko Abe.

I find inspiration in both illustrators style and know that they will both be fun to work on.

Nuno DaCosta’s style is very sophisticated and high fashion.

I love how all his illustrations look like they are models from French Vogue.

He hand draws all his illustrations and works with Gouche, watercolour and finally Photoshop to perfect his art.

He has worked on campaigns with Dior, L’Oreal, Max Factor and Clinique among many others.




The second illustrator I chose was Yaeko Abe because the style seemed like so much fun to work on .

Yaeko’s work is very stylized and very detailed and so welcoming with such a bright palette.

Yaeko works mainly by hand with pantone pens but also combines illustrations with digital media.

Yaeko has worked with companies such as New Look, Elle and Elle Girl and many more.




I will soon be posting my interpretations of these Illustrators work and images of the style I have myself created with inspiration from these two talented artists.

If your interested in checking out thier work visit these sites:

Wanderlust leading me to France

So recently my university has given me the excuse of blowing a little of my hard earned sterling and visiting a European country as a “research” trip in order to soak in a little culture and inspiration. I can safely say I do not have to be talked into travelling as I am literally itching to explore as many places as I possibly can while young and free of responsibility (while remaining a successful participant in the fashion industry of course . . . duh) apparently I want it all and I want it now and I want an unlimited source of income but eh what’s a girl to do when that clearly isn’t going to happen. Apparently what a girls gotta do is to drive to Rossclare and get the ferry to Cherbourg in the North of France. I found this to be the most financially beneficial way for myself as it means I get a couple of days to explore rather than trying to cram it all into a stress filled day trip and trying to catch a plane. So I’m planning on starting off in Cherbourg in the North coastline of France and then on the second day travelling to Bayeux, where I can see the famous Bayeux tapestry, which I’m sure if you were paying attention in history class you will know all about. Looks like I better brush up on my French. . .


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