Yaeko Abe Digital Experimentation

I chose this image to experiment with because I love the illustrations eyes and how they stand out and catch your attention. I thought this image would be fun to recreate and construct in order to understand Yaeko’s style and methods and see if I can devise a version with the use of digital media.


I started to look at how the features on Yaeko’s illustrations could be constructed using digital media. By the use of clean lines I felt Corel Draw to be of better use than Photoshop. I began with the eyes and nose and created these using the three point curve tool. This tool allows for a lot of manipulation with ease of use.

blank eyes

After I created the basic outline I imported the features into Photoshop where I proceeded to add the colour. I decided to do this on Photoshop because I find it easier for blending and manipulating colours.

filled eyes

After getting comfortable using these digital medias I decided to take the illustration to the next level of construction and added the face and hair. I started from scratch to see if I was able to recreate the eyes again. Drawing the hair proved time consuming but fun to carry out.

hair and eyes blank

Next I added the eye colour again but this time I took my time over the blending of the Iris. I plan to add final version of this illustration with a background and hair colour and will post it as soon as its complete.

hair and eyes filled

I finished the illustration off on Corel Draw using the Three Point Curve tool, Fountain Fill and the Transparency tool. I had expected the background to be the  most challenging part of it, but I used the mirroring tool a lot for it which enabled me to speed up the process, It was the dip dyed hair that proved to be the most time consuming and demanding. But I am so pleased with the final result and I’m looking forward to creating my own style of Illustration using Corel Draw

hair and eyes filled paint

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