Designers and UNICEF ,together for children’s benefit

Dolce and Gabbana doll please by mine! ❤


The project «Frimousses de Créateurs», established by the United Nations Children’s Fund , has for 11 years held an auction to help the children of Darfur ,a region in western Sudan . Only last year, the organizers of the project managed to collect nearly 200,000 euros to vaccinate more than 300,000 children and so giving them a chance to live. This year, UNICEF hopes to break the record .

For the annually auction eleven most famous designers , jewelers and artists create a small doll.This year took part in the project,Jean-Paul Gaultier , Chantal Thomas and Lorenz Baumer , and some great fashion houses from around the world : Lanvin, Dior, Chanel, Gucci and Louis Vuitton.

The dolls are a work of applied art, a sample of taste and skill, where every detail is thought out : The Prada doll seems to come directly from the autumn/winter show , the Chanel doll dressed…

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